Case reporting

A checklist for establishing a strong system for case reporting


1. Case reporting

  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting of all laboratory-confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases. (See Technology solutions for more information.)
  • 1.a Ensure reporting system from public health laboratories is operational and meeting timeliness standards.
  • 1.b Ensure reporting from commercial laboratories and point-of-care testing is operational and meeting timeliness standards.
  • 1.c. Ensure reporting from providers is operational and meeting timeliness standards. Consider connecting with health information exchanges to set up system for reporting from providers.
  • 1.d Ensure that case reports have complete data elements required for case surveillance purposes, including follow-up with clinical providers where necessary to obtain required information.
  • 1.e. Ensure cases identified in other settings, e.g., at ports of entry, are fed into the case management system.

2. Case management lab integration

  • 2.a Describe the data flow from case reporting by creating a data map.
  • 2.b Ensure case management system can accept all relevant laboratory results and including contact information for the case, name of provider who ordered the test, and name of facility that submitted the specimen.

Implementation Tools

LIVING DOCUMENT This playbook is a dynamic, "living" document. Global knowledge pertaining to COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Feedback and suggestions can be sent to [email protected].